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Frozen bird discovered in Siberia is 46,000 years old, scientists discover

A frozen bird found in the Siberian permafrost is a 46,000-year-old lark, scientists have revealed.

Fox News 21 Feb 2020 11:42 pm

A wobbling star may explain pattern of weird radio signals from space

Weve spotted strange blasts of radio waves from space in a pattern that may be produced by a magnetised neutron star wobbling as it spins

New Scientist 21 Feb 2020 11:20 pm

Shipwreck from doomed 1840s Royal Navy Arctic expedition reveals its secrets

Stunning artifacts have been recovered from the wreck of HMS Erebus, one of two 19th-century Royal Navy ships involved in a doomed expedition to locate the Northwest Pass

Fox News 21 Feb 2020 11:05 pm

World's financial firms risk $1 trillion in losses if slow to act on climate change: report

The world's financial services sector risks losses of up to $1 trillion if it fails to respond quickly to climate change and is hit by policy shifts such as the introduct

Reuters 21 Feb 2020 11:01 pm

Italys mountain rescue team take on climate change

The Italian Alps are under attack by climate change with a consistent temperature increase, glaciers are shrinking and avalanches are becoming more common, putting alpine

Reuters 21 Feb 2020 10:35 pm

What is a new moon?

The new moon is the first lunar phase, which leaves Earths natural satellite in shadow.

Fox News 21 Feb 2020 9:56 pm

CRISPR safety switch can make cells self-destruct if they go rogue

A genetic tweak can make cells self-destruct in the presence of CRISPR and could be used to make cells tamper-proof or shut them down if they go wrong

New Scientist 21 Feb 2020 9:48 pm

Frozen bird turns out to be 46,000-year-old horned lark

Scientists have recovered DNA from a well-preserved horned lark found in Siberian permafrost. The results can contribute to explaining the evolution of sub species, as we

ScienceDaily 21 Feb 2020 8:51 pm

A little good is good enough -- excuses and 'indulgence effects' in consumption

Ecofriendly materials, produced under good work conditions -- convincing arguments for most of us. But how do consumers really weigh compliance with such ethical standard

ScienceDaily 21 Feb 2020 8:51 pm

New moon on deck: What you need to know

The next new moon will occur on Feb. 23. Here is what you need to know.

Fox News 21 Feb 2020 8:43 pm

Water spotted in Jupiter's atmosphere

The largest planet in the Solar System, Jupiter has a treasure trove of information for astronomers to research and observe. A new study states that the gas giant also co

Fox News 21 Feb 2020 8:01 pm

China's armyworm situation set to worsen in 2020: agriculture ministry

China's agriculture ministry said the danger from the armyworm pest is more severe this year, adding that prevention and control measures will be more aggressive.

Reuters 21 Feb 2020 7:25 pm

Greenpeace protesters break into EDF's Tricastin nuclear plant

Greenpeace activists broke into an ageing Tricastin nuclear plant in France on Friday to demand its closure, a day ahead of the planned shutdown the country's oldest nucl

Reuters 21 Feb 2020 7:24 pm

New bacteria will help fight climate change, soil pollutants: Researchers

New bacteria is adept at breaking down organic matter, including cancer-causing chemicals, according to researchers

DowntoEarth 21 Feb 2020 6:58 pm

Robots are taking manufacturing jobs but making firms more productive

Robots are replacing manufacturing workers in France, making companies more productive and reducing employment across the industry

New Scientist 21 Feb 2020 6:32 pm

Want to Look Inside a Brain? With Transparent Organs, You Can

Using clever chemical wizardry, researchers have made human organs see-through. The dazzling 3D maps could one day lead to organs made in the lab.

Wired 21 Feb 2020 5:30 pm

As Florida, Georgia battle over water, panhandle oystermen struggle to survive

Standing in his boat in Florida's Apalachicola Bay, Michael Dasher lowered a long pair of tongs into the water, pulling up a muddy mass of oysters that his son sorted, ke

Reuters 21 Feb 2020 5:00 pm

What should we do if a 'planet-killer' asteroid takes aim at Earth?

If a giant object looks like it's going to slam intoEarth, humanity has a few options: Hammer it with a spacecraft hard enough to knock it off course, blast it withnuclea

Fox News 21 Feb 2020 3:30 pm

How Vasudha Rai said no to excess beauty waste, and why you should too

How and why this writer refused to accept excessively-packaged products, and is encouraging other influencers to do the same

The Hindu 21 Feb 2020 2:12 pm

Greenpeace activists break into EDF's Tricastin nuclear power plant in France

Activists from Greenpeace broke into the Tricastin nuclear power plant in southern France in order to demand its closure, the environmental pressure group said on Friday.

Reuters 21 Feb 2020 12:47 pm

FB to pay users for recording to improve speech recognition

Although one user will be able to make only $5, this is an interesting approach by Facebook to improve its artificial intelligence-driven transcription skills.

The Hindu 21 Feb 2020 11:59 am

A better diagnosis of rare diabetes to adapt treatment

Monogenic diabetes affects 1% to 4% of all cases of diabetes. Often confused with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, more than 90% of monogenic cases are misdiagnosed. A study ca

Eurek Alert 21 Feb 2020 10:30 am

Drug cocktail holds promise for spinal injuries

Scientists have discovered a combination of two commonly available drugs that could help the body heal spinal fractures.

Eurek Alert 21 Feb 2020 10:30 am

Social isolation during adolescence drives long-term disruptions in social behavior

Mount Sinai Researchers find social isolation during key developmental windows drives long term changes to activity patterns of neurons involved in initiating social appr

Eurek Alert 21 Feb 2020 10:30 am

Osteosarcoma profiling reveals why immunotherapy remains ineffective

Comprehensive profiling of tumor samples taken from patients with osteosarcoma shows that multiple factors contribute to the traditionally poor responses observed from tr

Eurek Alert 21 Feb 2020 10:30 am

Antidepressant harms baby neurons in lab-grown 'mini-brains'

Researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health have demonstrated the use of stem-cell-derived 'mini-brains' to detect harmful side effects of a common dru

Eurek Alert 21 Feb 2020 10:30 am

Ethnobotanical medicine is effective against the bacterium causing Lyme disease

A preclinical in vitro study shows that selected plant-based herbal medicines, especially Ghanaian quinine and Japanese knotweed, work better than antibiotics against the

Eurek Alert 21 Feb 2020 10:30 am

Traditional biomass stoves shown to cause lung inflammation

Traditional stoves that burn biomass materials and are not properly ventilated, which are widely used in developing nations where cooking is done indoors, have been shown

Eurek Alert 21 Feb 2020 10:30 am

Hormone adjustment may lead to new ways to prevent and treat lung damage in premature infants

Prematurely born babies often need oxygen therapy to prevent brain damage or death. Unfortunately, excessive oxygen can damage immature lungs and cause severe life-long p

Eurek Alert 21 Feb 2020 10:30 am

China launches $200 million fund to combat fall armyworms, locusts

China has allocated 1.4 billion yuan ($200 million) for the prevention and control of pests including fall armyworms and locusts to protect the country's massive agricult

Reuters 21 Feb 2020 9:03 am

New studies explore how knowledge drives action in climate change decision-making

In several new studies, researchers explore the importance of learning and knowledge in environmental decision-making and the different ways in which scientific knowledge

ScienceDaily 21 Feb 2020 4:57 am

For 'blade runners' taller doesn't necessarily mean faster

The governing body for the Paralympics recently lowered the allowable height for sprinters who use prosthetic legs, or blades, during competition. The rules are based on

ScienceDaily 21 Feb 2020 4:57 am

FERC rules clean energy must pay higher market price in New York

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on Thursday issued a suite of orders that will require subsidized energy storage and renewable power resource providers to meet a

Reuters 21 Feb 2020 4:04 am

5 African-American groundbreakers in the US space program

Black in Space: Breaking the Color Barrier, scheduled to air Monday on the Smithsonian Channel, examines the race to get black astronauts into the heavens while fighting

Fox News 21 Feb 2020 3:37 am

Epic NASA photograph shows International Space Station crossing the moon

NASA has revealed a gorgeous image of the Moon, Mars and the International Space Station.

Fox News 21 Feb 2020 2:55 am

Court allows Tesla to clear forest for German Gigafactory

A German court ruled on Thursday that Tesla Inc can continue to clear forest near the capital Berlin to build its first European car and battery factory, in a defeat for

Reuters 21 Feb 2020 2:48 am

Solar energy expands quickly in Brazil, attracts Chinese firms

Beside the green pastures and sugarcane plantations surrounding the farming town of Porto Feliz is the strange sight of hundreds of blue, silicon panes turned towards the

Reuters 21 Feb 2020 2:46 am

A better pregnancy test for whales

To determine whale pregnancy, researchers have relied on visual cues or hormone tests of blubber collected via darts, but the results were often inconclusive. Research po

ScienceDaily 21 Feb 2020 2:19 am

Water reuse could be key for future of hydraulic fracturing

Enough water will come from the ground as a byproduct of oil production from unconventional reservoirs during the coming decades to theoretically counter the need to use

ScienceDaily 21 Feb 2020 2:18 am

Earliest known cave-dwelling animal is a 99-million-year-old cockroach

The earliest cave-dwelling animal identified from the dinosaur era is a ghostly white cockroach with tiny eyes and wings that was preserved in amber

New Scientist 21 Feb 2020 12:54 am

Majestic leopard seen posing for camera on city streets, pictures reveal

A majestic leopard was captured by a photographer as it seemed to pose for the camera on a city street in India.

Fox News 21 Feb 2020 12:48 am

Curing genetic disease in human cells

Scientists show for the first time that a newer type of CRISPR, called base-editing, can safely cure cystic fibrosis in stem cells derived from patients.

ScienceDaily 21 Feb 2020 12:47 am

New discovery has important implications for treating common eye disease

Scientists have made an important discovery with implications for those living with a common, debilitating eye disease (age-related macular degeneration, AMD) that can ca

ScienceDaily 21 Feb 2020 12:47 am

DNA from ancient packrat nests helps unpack Earth's past

New work shows how using next-generation DNA sequencing on ancient packrat middens -- nests made out of plant material, fragments of insects, bones, fecal matter, and uri

ScienceDaily 21 Feb 2020 12:47 am

NASA astronaut Fred Gregory recounts historic missions, eyes Americas space future

In 1989 astronaut Fred Gregory made history when he became the first African American to command a NASA mission, but he paid little attention to the headlines that he mad

Fox News 21 Feb 2020 12:26 am

Beyond the brim, Sombrero Galaxy's halo suggests turbulent past

These latest Hubble observations of the Sombrero galaxy indicate only a tiny fraction of older, metal-poor stars in the halo, plus an unexpected abundance of metal-rich s

ScienceDaily 21 Feb 2020 12:22 am

Avalanche on Svalbard Arctic archipelago kills two Germans

Two Germans were killed on Thursday when an avalanche hit a glacier in the western part of the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard, Norwegian news agency NTB said.

Reuters 20 Feb 2020 11:38 pm

Physicists grab individual atoms in ground-breaking experiment

In a first for quantum physics, researchers have 'held' individual atoms in place and observed previously unseen complex atomic interactions.

ScienceDaily 20 Feb 2020 11:35 pm

Huge stores of Arctic sea ice likely contributed to past climate cooling

Climate scientists propose that massive amounts of melting sea ice in the Arctic drained into the North Atlantic and disrupted climate-steering currents, thus playing an

ScienceDaily 20 Feb 2020 11:35 pm

Earth formed much faster than previously thought, new study shows

By measuring iron isotopes, researchers have shown that our planet originally formed much faster than previously thought. This finding provides new insights on both plane

ScienceDaily 20 Feb 2020 11:35 pm