Taking care of facial skin in summers

Summer Tips To Get A Healthy Skin And A Glowing Face

Beauty regime for summers is completely different from the winters, and here is what you can do to keep your face glowing at this time of the year…..

Keep the skin clean– Since most of us have a combination or oily skin during summers, its very important to keep the skin clean always. Oily and combination skin attract a lot of dust and pollution which results in blockage of pores and outburst of acne. To make the pores free from oil and dirt regimes, its important to use a good cleaner or a face wash which can help the pores breathe. Wash the face twice or thrice a day with a good herbal face wash and choose a face wash according to your skin type. A normal skin type can have gel based face wash and the oily ones can use foaming face washes.

Use cold water to wash the face– Hot water will strip off the natural moisture off your skin, therefore watch out for the water temperature.

Tone down– A good toner helps in keeping the skin oil free and clean for a longer time. Therefore invest in a good toner and do not forget to apply it after cleansing and before applying a moisturizer.

Pick the right moisturizer– And moisturizers are not just meant for winters but you need them in summers too. Heavy winter cream can block the pores in summers, so its time to switch to moisturizing lotions or a light weight cream.

Use sunscreen– Harsh sun rays can really damage your skin, it results in skin tanning, wrinkles, loss of moisture, pigmentation and what not. Therefore its always better to step out in sun after applying a good sunscreen. Again choose your product according to your skin type. Gel based sunscreens are available for those who have oily skin.

Stay hydrated– If your body is hydrated and if you drink 8-10 glasses of water in a day, it will naturally show on your face too. Dehydration can strip the moisture off your skin leaving it look dry and dull. Therefore drink plenty of water, lemon or nimboo pani, fresh fruit juices, coconut water, lassi, chanch etc. All theses things will boost your energy and will also make your skin look better.

Use less makeup– In summers since you are already sweating a lot, its recommended that you do not block the pores further by putting heavy makeup. A moisturizing sunscreen, a lip balm and a liner would be enough for normal days.

Eat right– Eating the right kind of food sorts out 50% of your skin problems. In summers cut down on fried and heavy stuff, and eat something which is light on stomach and soothes the system as well. Have lots of seasonal fruits and veggies and add a few multivitamins in your diet if you are above 30.

Use Aloe Vera– This is something we can vouch for, use aloe vera pack thrice a week to keep all the skin related problems at bay. Use fresh aloe vera gel for maximum results.

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