Foot care regime for summers

Foot Care Regime For Summers

In summers feet care is as important as face care. How awful dirty and dead feet look which peep through those beautiful footwear, ahhhh…nobody wants to see a sight like this. But if you have good pedicured feet then whatever you wear, it won’t be a problem. After all summer footwear is meant to go with nicely pedicured feet. These simple steps will ensure that your foot care regime is best followed…

Cleaning– Make it a regime to clean your feet with a mild cleanser or a wash every night before going to bed. Your feet are exposed to dust particles and sweat all day long, so this is the best time to make them feel pampered. You can use a foot brush or a loofah for proper cleaning.

Scrubbing– Like facial scrubbing, foot scrubbing is necessary too. Over a period of time the dead skin cells gets accumulated and results in a dull looking skin. Using a scrub to get rid of these dead cells is an important step to bring in a new life to the feet. Use a foot scrub every week for a brighter and healthier skin tone.

Moisturizing– After cleaning don’t forget to use a good foot cream or a moisturizer to heel the skin overnight.

Regular Pedicure– A regular pedicure session is a must for everyone. It pulls out the dead skin and dirt through the pores and cleans the skin thoroughly from deep within. Basically its a facial for your feet. You can get a pedicure done twice a month for regular cleaning.

Don’t go barefoot– Just because its summers, it doesn’t mean that you have an excuse to roam around barefoot. Walking barefoot attracts a lot of germs and dust which results in cracked heels and what not.

Give a break from the nail paint– Nail paints are full of chemicals and like it or not they ruin your nail health. Take a break for a few days before you put the nail paint again.

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