Ways to use citrus fruits

Use citrus fruits in many ways

Do not cut and keep citrus fruits for longtime. They lose their Vitamin C nutrients. Instead, squeeze the juice and store it in refrigerator…

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Plumeria geranium scented plants

Perfume your home naturally with these plants

Open the windows when they flower and the fragrance travels inside the house to make your day! Following plants helps you to perfume your home natural ways!!

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Keep home clean

Keep a clean home clean

To clean a clean home, have a schedule. These periodic cleaning tips will help to keep a clean home clean

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Onion slicer and cutter

Must have veggie fruit cutters

these are must have veggie fruit cutters for beginners, those who want to exceed their skills in cooking and pursuing to be top chefs

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Fabric sheet hacks

12 Fabric sheets hacks you must try

Fabric sheets or dryer sheets can be handy and help to clean stuffs around the house. Try these 12 fabric sheets hacks to clean regular items at home

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Closet organizer

Closet organization tips

Arranging closet is a skill. Once close is organized maintaining closet is also another work. Organizing and maintenance of closets at home is easy with tips

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Cooking measurements conversion

Cooking measurements & conversion charts

Here are few cooking measurements and conversion charts and, substitutes measurements that might come in handy for you.

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Vegetables cooking tips

Tips to cook vegetables

Whether cutting or cooking vegetables, we look for shortcuts and want vegetables texture and taste to remain same. Some of the everyday cooking tips might help you out and save time and money

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